What Does a Nutritionist Do?

If you have ever wondered, should I see a nutritionist? This blog post may shed some light on what exactly a nutritionist does, and more specifically, what I set out to do as a nutritionist.

Before I dive into what I do as a nutritionist, how about why do I do the work I do? Well, my whole life (ok, most of it) I have spent fascinated by health - and this doesn’t mean I have always been “healthy.” I have gone through many different stages of health throughout my life, and many were extremely challenging. I have been underweight and overweight, I have had digestion and skin challenges. I have both over obsessed and entirely neglected my health - from being overly preoccupied with my nutrition, fitness and appearance to completely abandoning any care for my wellbeing. I’ve experienced many shades of what health can look and feel like, and quite simply it has been hard.

The beauty of it is, through a deep commitment to finding a sustainable approach to my well-being, by shifting and re-defining what healthy was to me, I was able to completely transform my body, my mind and my long lasting outlook on wellness. It took time, it took education and it took many failures for me to learn some extremely valuable lessons on how to approach my health everyday. Through these changes I was able to return back to a body weight that made sense for me (without effort), I have been able to live without food restrictions or food avoidance, and food stopped preoccupying my energy or time - instead, it started to fill me with excitement and joy.

So, what do I do as a nutritionist? I work with my clients to help them find this same excitement and joy. To help them define health in their terms; a definition that is sustainable, that enhances their life, and that provides them with the opportunity to feel empowered everyday. I also work to educate my clients; to provide them with the knowledge they need to know WHY they are making the changes that they are. And finally, I work with my clients to find their wellness without stress, emphasizing the importance of reducing stress in their lives, as much of our disease is a result of chronic stress experienced in our bodies.

Nutrition consulting is done through the form of one-to-one consultations. After completing an initial consultation where I discover my client’s health history, I am able to design a customized wellness program that they will then receive. The support I provide does not end at the delivery of the wellness program, as it is the ongoing follow ups, the tweaking and the discussions that assist in making lasting change. In the wellness packages I provide, we work together for 3 months, with a total of 4 follow up appointments to discuss and evaluate how the plan is going. These 3 months help us establish a better understanding of what my client needs, and keeps us on track for meaningful change, and there is nothing better than witnessing this change happen.

I hope this sheds some light on what a nutritionist can do for you, and why it is I do what I do. If you have any questions, I would love to be able to answer them! You can send me an email through the connect page by clicking here.