I met with Andrea hoping for a wellness plan to improve my strict and picky attitude towards food... but I left with vastly more. I couldn’t ask for a more encouraging holistic nutritionist that is easy to open up to and will give you 100% commitment to find a plan that works for your needs and goals.
— Emily, Vancouver BC

Thank you Andrea, I have found my sleep. Struggling for months with insomnia, Andrea has coached me through a comprehensive holistic approach to my sleep dysfunction, which has allowed me to better understand my sleep patterns and identify triggers for bad sleep.
— Sam, Whitehorse YK

I turned to Bite Wellness to help with my relationship with food, which is complicated, to say the least. Andrea provided a variety of strategies to heal my gut and make mindfulness a habit, and she is particularly good at catering to my tastes and daily routine! Bite is for anyone who is seeking realistic recommendations for lifestyle adjustments to improve their wellness.
— Andrea, Calgary AB
Andrea’s thoughtful, sensitive approach to holistic health was a huge help to me. I loved how she customized my wellness plans to my needs and lifestyle. I now have new tools to deal with IBS that I can realistically use well into the future
— Kara, Whitehorse YK

Andrea listened to my needs and preferences to create a tailored plan that was easy to follow while positively encouraging me throughout the process.”
— Jamie, Kamloops BC

Bite Wellness was incredibly helpful in actually listening to my needs & providing me with information to live a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle... She walked me through the entire process with genuine care and support. I have recommended Bite Wellness to numerous people and will continue to do so moving forward!
— Samantha, Whitehorse YK

Andrea has formulated a personalized plan for me that is sustainable. Now that I’m over 50 it is well time that I look at my diet to reduce inflammatory burdens to ensure a long healthy life.
— Julie, Hamilton ON

I had been struggling with imbalanced hormones associated with my cycle for years. Andreas plan was so easy to follow and extremely informative. I am nearing the end of our 3 month program together and I feel the affects of her work. Thank you for making me feel heard and providing me the knowledge and tools I needed to maintain my health; mind and body, into the future!
— Alexis, Squamish BC