What does a nutritionist do?

Every nutritionist takes a different approach and has a different style when working with their clients, but on a whole, a holistic nutritionist will support their clients by addressing both their nutrition and lifestyle. Holistic nutritionists strive to understand the root cause of their clients health concern, with an emphasis on healing through whole foods. As a nutritionist, we are responsible for taking a 360 degree look at our client’s life, and utilizing the mind-body connection when supporting our client’s in their health journey.

do you specialize in any type of nutrition consulting?

In my practice I have worked with a wide range of people, from those transitioning to vegan, hormone balancing, improving energy, and helping digestion. No matter what the health concern or goals that my clients present me with, I give 100% effort to finding a way to help them achieve their objectives. One area I am particularly passionate about is supporting people with their relationship to food. I take a “food positive” approach, meaning I get my clients to evaluate the language they use around food, what they think and feel about food, and what their behaviour is when it comes to food. I try to integrate these principles with all my clients, be it digestion, hormones, or disordered eating.

Are nutrition consulting services available online?

You bet! I offer both in-person and online nutrition consulting services. In-person services are available to people located in Vancouver, BC and surrounding area. Online services are available for anyone worldwide! If you live in Vancouver and surrounding services, online consulting is still an option if you prefer to work together one-on-one from the comfort of your own home!

why should I book a nutrition package?

If you visit my services page you will see that I offer both individual appointments and a package. Why? Because I want my client’s to get the most out of the money that they spend (I also want to make sure I offer services that actually make a difference!) The nutrition packages help to establish a commitment, and eliminates the “do I need a follow up?” indecisiveness that can sometimes happen. The 3 follow up appointments usually means we are working together for a 3-month time frame, which is a realistic amount of time to start to experience changes (and that is what we are looking for!). That being said, if you are interested in booking individual appointments, that is an option that is definitely available for you!

Does extended benefits cover a nutritionist?

Holistic Nutrition services are not covered under provincial health care plans. Some extended benefits plans have a retainer for wellness that can go toward nutrition consulting services.

Insurance companies that may offer coverage for holistic nutrition services include: Manulife, Desjardins, Blue Cross, Green Shield, Great West Life, Industrial Alliance, TD Canada - Flex Benefit, Sunlife - Extended Benefits Policy, Co-operators Insurance - Large Group Policies.

There are also some new platforms such as League which are making different types of health care professionals accessible to employees under their employee benefits.

What is the difference between a dietitian vs. nutritionist?

Good question! While both nutritionists and dieticians work with clients struggling with health concerns by recommending diet and lifestyle changes, there are some differences in terms of education. A Registered Dietician (RD) is a regulated health professional who has completed an undergraduate degree in nutrition, an accredited internship program and passed the Canadian Dietetics Registration exam. A Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP) is a health professional who has completed a one-year intensive or two -year part-time diploma program, with a mandatory 100 hour co-op placement program. Graduates of the diploma program have successfully passed a wide-range of courses including Ayruveda, Herbal Medicine, Fitness & Sports Nutrition, The Psychology of Disease, among many others.

Where are you based out of?

Currently I am based out of beautiful British Columbia. More specifically, Pemberton, BC.

What organizations have you worked or partnered with?

I have done talks for organizations such as Hervana Coworking, Family Services of Greater Vancouver, and Dress For Success.

I am partnered with organizations, including YES! Vancouver , My Momentum and League