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nutrition consulting

Nutrition consulting provides you with the opportunity to address your health concerns through a series of one-on-one consultations. An important aspect of nutrition consulting is having the ongoing support and guidance as we identify and evaluate your unsupportive habits, negative triggers and relationship with food and your body.


There are two ways you can go, one is to book individual appointments and the other is to dive in with a consulting package. The benefit of the consulting package is that you save 15% and have a set number of appointments that you are committing to. If you aren’t all too sure just yet about taking the plunge, you can dip your toe in by booking your appointments individually - whatever feels right for you.

Vancouver Holistic Nutritionist


Vancouver Holistic Nutritionist


Save 15%


Step 1: Initial Consultation ($75)

The Initial Consultation is all about myself getting to know you. We will chat about your health goals and objectives, what your nutrition and lifestyle is like now, and what your major hangups are. (60-75 minutes)

Step 2: Wellness Plan ($125)

Now for the fun part, your wellness plan has arrived! This appointment is critical as it provides us the opportunity to review your plan that has been designed to meet your health objectives and allows you the opportunity to ask as many questions about the plan that you may have. You will be given your plan at the beginning of the appointment and we will go through it section by section so that you leave our session feeling like "you got dis" (45 minutes)

Step 3: Follow up ($65)

The follow up sessions are all about keeping you on track, providing you with helpful reminders, and continuing to integrate new tools and strategies. We will explore what is working, and what isn’t, and establish positive and sustainable nutrition and lifestyle behaviours. (30 minutes)

Interested, but have some questions? Email to set up a complimentary 15 minute discovery call to make sure you feel confident before booking


Total Investment: $335 (Save 15%)

By booking the consulting package you save 15% (valued at $395) and will receive:

  • Includes an initial session, wellness plan and 3 follow up sessions

  • Regular check-ins over email, voice or video call

  • 3 month commitment to make sure you are staying on track


Interested, but have some questions? Email to set up a complimentary 15 minute discovery call to make sure you feel confident before booking


Bite-Sized Session

NEW OFFERING — Total Investment: $45

If you are feeling a bit lost, confused and unsatisfied with your nutrition and health and are looking for a way to get re-centered and grounded, this bite-sized session is your answer! This new service offering is offered over the phone. Hop on a 45 minute call and we will work through a bite-sized goal that is sustainable, realistic, and supportive for you.


workshops & speaking engagements

The beauty of speaking engagements and workshops is the ability for sharing information to a group of people in a customized, entertaining, and interactive format. With a focus on nutrition and well-being, the talks or workshops can be a good fit for a business hoping to host an event, or a community of people who want to get together to learn more about gaining tools for overall wellness.

If you are interested in learning more about hosting a wellness talk or workshop, click the 'get in touch' button so that we can further discuss options for topics and format for the event!

corporate wellness  

Employee health and happiness has a tremendous impact on the corporate culture and productivity of companies.  Oftentimes, with the high-stress nature of the workplace, employee wellness can be negatively impacted. Introducing corporate wellness initiatives into the workplace is often a welcome release for employees to recharge and reset.

If you are interested in finding out how you can incorporate wellness into your workplace, click the 'get in touch' button so that we can further discuss customized corporate wellness for your team.